Performance dashboard

Website traffic

Our current website launched in January 2016. We use data on our website visits to understand when and how it is used.

These charts are updated daily. You can also see live data here

Popular pages

The table below shows the most popular pages on our website over the last 7 days.

Contact volumes

Our strategy is to encourage more people to use our online services to do business with us rather than use the phone, both to improve the service we offer and also to create savings we can re-invest in council services.

Online transactions

Our target for 2016/17 was to increase the proportion of transactions made online to 30%. For 2017/18 the target is 36%. This data is compiled monthly and published via Google Charts.


We monitor feedback from the public using our Govmetric response system to identify areas for improvement.

Digital Inclusion

We monitor online takeup as part of digital inclusion work. Oxford is considered to have a low level of digital exclusion

The 2014 Internet User Classification by CDRC Maps provides a demographic overview of internet use and engagement in Oxford from a range of data