Digital Strategy launched

20 Nov 2016

On 17 November the City Council agreed its first Digital Strategy.

Our Strategy is formed around five principles:

  • Being Digital by Design: Making our digital services so good, convenient and easy to use that people make them their first choice and are able to succeed the first time unaided.
  • Promoting Inclusion: Ensuring everyone has the capability to access and use digital services to do things that can benefit them day to day.
  • Putting the Customer in Control: Enabling our customers to engage with us in ways that best suit them.
  • Supporting Business Growth: Supporting local economic growth by improving digital infrastructure and partnering with business to exploit new digital opportunities.
  • Using Collaboration: Achieving better outcomes through working together, sharing good practice and making our data open by default.

We’ve chosen to publish the Strategy online rather than as a downloadable document to keep true to the idea of making a shift to all things digital. Also, our Action Plan has been published on Trello, and will be updated with our progress as we go to be more transparent.

Finally, this site has been created and published on GitHub as a move towards greater use of open web tools.

Having helped shape the Strategy, one of the key objectives of the Digital Development Team is to now help deliver it. One of our first initiatives is to look into digital inclusion in Oxford by auditing current provision and help around the city.

In common with many other digital teams across the country we’ll be blogging about our progress and letting you know about new initiatives we’re taking to help improve all things digital in Oxford.