Online transactions

Contact volumes

Our strategy is to encourage more people to use our online services to do business with us rather than use the phone, both to improve the service we offer and also to create savings we can re-invest in council services.

Historic comparison

Our online channels are increasing in volume, with phone and face-to-face choices declining

Current Year (by month)

Online transactions

Our target in 2018/19 is to increase the proportion of transactions made online to 40%. We monitor this performance monthly and published via Google Charts.


We launched webchat as a trial service from our Contact Us page in January 2018, and deployed it across our website in June 2018. As well as helping customers remain online and self-serve, we will use topics from chat sessions to help improve information and navigation on the website.

Website downloads

We have a large number of files that we ask our customers to download. We will use this data to identify areas where we can present data better, or develop services that do not require written forms. You can also view the list of files for more detail.