Website traffic

Our current website launched in January 2016. We use data on our website visits to understand when and how it is used so we can focus on areas we need to improve.

We implemented a new cookie policy on 22 February 2019 which automatically removes visitor tracking if a user closes our pop-up notice. This has impacted on the volumes recorded and the reliability of data shown.

These charts are updated daily.

How people access our site

Our website is designed to work on any device regardless of screen size, so that people can use it as they like. Since its launch we've seen an increase in the proportion of people using mobile devices.

Popular pages

The table below shows the most popular pages on our website over the last 7 days.

Website satisfaction

We use GovMetric to record satisfaction with our web pages and then act on the feedback we receive to make improvements. The site regularly features in the top ten satisfaction table for local authorities using GovMetric