Website CMS

We uses Jadu CMS as as our main content management system for content-focused websites. This is so;

  • they can be deployed easily within our existing hosting arrangements
  • they are covered by existing support arrangements
  • they can be maintained and extended by the Digital Development Team

Staff are already trained and supported in developing content using JaduCMS.

We use a custom-made responsive template for our subsites that can be adapted to be branded or unbranded. You can see examples of this in use for Oxford Direct Services and Oxford Town Hall.

Other Content Management Systems

We want to promote the use of open source CMS where we can, and so prefer any single-purpose microsites that cannot be deployed in Jadu CMS should be built in;

  • Drupal 7; or
  • Wordpress

To make sure these can be taken on and supported after development we require developers to;

  • Host the source code on a repository to which we have access (preferably GitHub)
  • Host the site using an account we can take over for ongoing maintenance
  • Use our domain name allocation arrangements