Domain name registration

In order to ensure that it can retain control over DNS allocation, and that domains are renewed, we handle registering and allocating domain names to our sites, including those developed by third parties or allocated to web applications.

We use 1&1 as our single supplier.

Contact the Digital Development Team to arrange for a domain to be allocated.

Using oxford.gov.uk sub-domains

All sites using an oxford.gov.uk sub-domain must use our design templates.

Allocation of these sub-domains has to be arranged through our network hosts (SCC) as a service request under our SLA agreement with them. This can mean a slight delay in allocating sub-domains.

Using SSL

Our policy is to work towards all our current sites operating over HTTPS, and all new websites and applications to use it by default. This is so our customers can be reassured their data is protected.

Sites using an .oxford.gov.uk sub-domain can make use of our wildcard SSL certificate. Talk to the Digital Development Team to get a copy.