Navigation using our template is provided through the following elements;

  • The site name (defaulting to the home page)
  • The LHS Navigation bar
  • The Breadcrumbs banner
  • The Footer
  • Landing page navigation links

Site name

For external sites using a sub-domain, this must always navigate to the main council website at

Navigation bar

Use of the navigational bar is mandatory in the two column layout and should carry the hyperlinks set in the template.

Changing the navigation links in the navigation bar is subject to approval.


Hierarchical navigation should be represented in the breadcrumbs banner, with hyperlinks to the parent hierarchy. The first element must always be home. The last element must match the page title in the h1 banner

Each element is separated by a "/"

e.g. Home / Hierarchy 1 / Hierarchy 2 / Page title

When using a branded sub-domain your application landing page will need to reflect the navigation of the related pages on the Council's main website. For example, our parking fines web application at has the following breadcrumb for its landing page;

Home / Parking and Travel / Parking in Oxford / Pay your Parking Fine / Parking Fines

The Digital Development Team will give advice on which links to use.


Use of the footer is mandatory in either layout and carries the correct hyperlinks for the main council website.

Landing page navigation links

An example of this type of link is shown on the page elements

These are to be used in in groups. They can be used in single column (if no more than 5 links) or in two columns (greater than 5 links, with each column equally balanced in number)

No other text or information should be used on the page with these navigation links